Hello! My name is Montana Mademall, I am a business woman from Ireland living in New Zealand. This is a blog I am writing about different business opportunities in New Zealand that I have noticed. From spouting & guttering companies to varicose vein doctors, I have information about all sorts of things!

Angel investors on smoke break

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am an angel investor, I invest tiny amounts of money in big numbers of businesses. A few hundred here, a few hundred there. Miniscule amounts! You might think its nothing, but you’d be surprised how many businesses can benefit from a little help here and there. For an angel investor I’m pretty small – more like a cherub perhaps? One of those love cherubs that shoot people with love arrows and make them fall in love – except they fall in love with business and entrepreneurship!

Some businesses don’t need much to get off the ground. Some contractors starting off charge a lot less than they ought, to get ‘exposure’ and their foot in the door, but charging such small amounts doesn’t give them the budget they need to get the work done. A little payment of $3-500NZD is just enough to help a freelancer in this situation to deliver great results to the client and still have enough left over to have a beer at the pub with their friends. Startup can be hard, and I should know! I have my own multiple businesses myself (which is how I have enough money to invest) and starting these businesses was not easy at all. I wish I had someone helping me out.

One time I had a date organised with this great guy, but I only had enough money in my bank account to either go on this date and have dinner with this guy or buy this new software for collecting leads for my business. I was too embarrassed to mention it to the guy so I just waited until the date and figured, if he buys me dinner I will buy the software, and if he does not, I will have to survive without the software. It was on a special ‘limited time offer’ where they raise the price a few weeks after product launch, so if I was going to buy it I had to buy it then. As it turned out, he wasn’t going to buy me dinner but when he saw me awkwardly buy the cheapest thing on the menu he inquired about it and offered to take care of the bill this time round, and I could buy him dinner next time. That was so awesome, it was such a relief! I got the software and it helped me with my lead generation over all my businesses. I’m not really a fan of the whole chivalrous ‘man pays for every date’ kind of thing so I’m glad it was just a loan. We ended up going out a few times but drifted apart after that for other reasons, but I still like him as a friend – but the point I’m trying to make is, people starting businesses are broke af and it sucks, so now that I’m successful I want to help others get through that. I get about 10% back on every investment – $500 might make me about $50 back in profit two weeks later. Not much, but they add up!

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